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How convenient that JK Rowling made Tom Marvolo Riddle equal I Am Lord Voldemort when it’s obviously supposed to be Mr. Tom, A Dildo Lover.

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3/6 Don’t get goats, they say. Goats are always getting into trouble and eating the orchard, they say. But do they warn you not to leave your goat alone with a synthesizer unless you want her working on her distant but emotionally charged coldwave masterpiece? No. They do not warn you about that at all.

If you give a shit about workers, you should attack capitalism


I don’t understand how folks that at all think of themselves can moralize shoplifting.

Background about me: 
I grew up poor. I grew up going to food banks, I grew up thinking the landlord was someone to be afraid of and would hide from them. I’ve also grown up working some sort of service work, sans the past two years, which I’ve been working as a designer. Point being I grew up as one of those people you’re talking for when you moralize this issue and I’ve shoplifted. 

I’ve shoplifted before cause I was broke and didn’t have parents to go to for food, and I’ve dumpstered for that reason, too. And frankly that’s the reality of numerous people who’ve shoplifted. 

now to quote my friend mrboneswildanarchism 

The CEOs, the HQ bosses, the regional managers, the store managers, they are the thieves. They rob the workers directly. The workers are not paid, they are robbed. Every cent that goes to management is a cent stolen from the labor of the worker.

And when you speak for people in my class, you’re speaking for the kids who stole from their work because they’ve been paid shit wages, or poor people who steal or even wealthy people who steal cause the fact is under capitalism most of the profit created by those items sold aren’t going directly to the workers or their families they’re going to the share holders or private owners of that company and I don’t care about them, because they are actually oppressing poor people. 

And if you want to care about the workers, you should consider probably not moralizing the issues of shoplifting, and understand what it means to be poor and attack capitalism.  

Real talk, don’t talk for poor people and don’t black and white these issues, cause proles do that w/e get over it.  

my friend dylan raises excellent points

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